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Meet Amelia

Angela's Mission

Angela is committed to making the practices of yoga and mindfulness accessible and inclusive. She has taught in yoga studios, community centers, libraries, prisons, homeless shelters, clinics, nonprofit organizations, schools and treatment centers. In all of these settings, Angela believes in the value of applying ancient tools to modern life.

Regardless of her students' ability or experience level, Angela uses customized practices to meet them where they are and gently guide them toward balance in their everyday lives. 

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Why Naturopathy

 T e c h n i q u e s  

Gentle Movement

Postures are a way to move from the outer world to the inner.  When connected to your  breath it is a moving meditation  to tune in to the body, calm the mind and to listen within.  


We use intention as one way to personalize our experience of a practice or a meditation, this can support us to implement it into our daily lives.


Unique and simple visualizations to support relaxation, insight, transformation, healing.


We use the breath to shift energy and bring attention inward. Breath can impact all the levels of the system- the physical, the mind, and emotions and the spirit.


Techniques to support your ability to be present with yourself exactly as you are.


Focusing attention and care to the body, mind and heart in your practice and in your life can help create a shift of perception.



"I've never been much of a regular yoga person, but have loved her classes and go whenever I can.  Angela really knows how to pay attention to individual needs and does positions that I've not done in other classes.  I always come out feeling so relaxed, and even when I'm tired, I still go knowing I'll leave feeling calm and taken care of."

— MH

Types of Services

Group Classes
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Personalized Sessions
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