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Personalized Sessions

***Personalized Self Care Appointments***

Self care conversations, deep listening, problem solving, ideas, and accountability!

Email me to set up an appointment.

Personalized Yoga Sessions:

I offer personalized one-on-one instruction and consultations for people with a wide range of backgrounds and goals.  Adapting yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for everyone is my passion—people who have never felt at home in a traditional yoga setting,  experienced practitioners, and everyone in between.

Session Details: 

I often meet with my students for 1-1.5 hours, often times we will spend the first part of the appointment checking in about the mind, body, emotions- this is an essential part of the session.  I will then lead through a yoga practice which could include gentle movement, intentional breathing, meditation, visualization, or the use of sound that will support you in your unique process.  If you are interested in a home practice I will create one for you.  I also offer check ins by phone or email in between appointments.  I meet with some students weekly, monthly or as needed.   


Your home, a park, my yard, on zoom or phone

Ways Yoga Can Help:
Yoga is an excellent tool to cope with: stress, trauma, injuries, headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, cancer,  sleep issues, addiction, and end of life, as well as pre/postnatal support.


It's can be a powerful way to heal, connect, and become more grounded and present in your own life.  It can be a way to reawaken or deepen the inherent connection between the mind, body, heart, and inner wisdom.  It is often a great compliment to other treatments and therapies.


$75-100/session for individuals

($100-150/session for small group)

(needs based financial aid available)

*I am committed to my mission- to make yoga accessible in every sense of the word and financial accessibility is part of this.  Please let me know if you need a "pay what you can appointment"

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