Personalized Sessions

I offer personalized one-on-one instruction and consultations for people with a wide range of backgrounds and goals.  Adapting yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for everyone is my passion—people who have never felt at home in a traditional yoga setting,  experienced practitioners, and everyone in between.

Session Details: 

I often meet with my students for 1-1.5hrs, we will spend the first part of the appointment checking in about the mind, body, emotions- this is an essential part of the session.  I will then lead through a yoga practice which could include gentle movement, intentional breathing, meditation, visualization, or the use of sound that will support you in your unique process. I will write up a plan for your at-home yoga practice.  I also offer check ins by phone or email in between appointments.  I meet with some students weekly, monthly or as needed.   


We can arrange to meet at one of several locations in South Berkeley or North Oakland.  We can also meet at your home or virtually.


Ways Yoga Can Help:
Yoga is an excellent tool to cope with: stress, trauma, injuries, headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, cancer,  sleep issues, addiction, and end of life, as well as pre/postnatal support.


It's can be a powerful way to heal, connect, and become more grounded and present in your own life.  It can be a way to reawaken or deepen the inherent connection between the mind, body, heart, and inner wisdom.  It is often a great compliment to other treatments and therapies.


$100/hr *

*I am committed to my mission- to make yoga accessible in every sense of the word and financial accessibility is part of this.  If you are interested in individual work, I have a few sliding scale spots available.  Also, be on the lookout for my partnership with Berkeley Community Acupuncture , as a part of their mission that is also about affordable and high quality healing for all.